What is PVAClean?

With PVAClean, we are committed to fulfill your need for cleanliness and freshness through innovation, design and quality. Through our series of professional and effective cleaning tools, you can enjoy all the benefits of a clean home or car with minimum effort. Essentially made with PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), our PVA cleaning series can clean and polish surfaces deep and streak-free. It can easily absorb liquid and pick up dirt, great.


What is PVA Sponge?

PVA Sponge is excellent for cleaning because of its impressive absorbency resulted from its ultra fine, continuous and interconnected pore structure. Essentially made of Polyvinyl Alcohol, PVA sponge is extremely fast wicking and has superior water retention properties which allow it to absorb up to 5-8 times of its dry weight in water without dripping. PVA sponge is also durable with its mechanical and tensile strength as well as its abrasion resistance. It is static free and lint free. 


 Superior absorbency
 Excellent water retention property
 Mechanically strong & abrasion resistant
 Rigid when dry & soft when wet
 Lint free & Static free


How To Use


To use:

PVA Mops, sponges, or towels should only be used when wet! The products are hard when they dry. The hardening effect is due to PVA’s physical properties; it helps to resist bacteria and odor growth.

It is important to soak the products in water for 3–5 minutes until completely soft before each use.

To wash:

It is recommended to wash the products before each use. Simply rinse with clean water or mild detergent. Do not use bleach.

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