Innovation. Style. Quality.

Designing and creating unique cleaning tools that combine style, durability and economic utility– that’s the innovation power of Giant Lead. For more than 30 years, Giant Lead has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in producing PVA sponge related products. Our discoveries, inventions and breakthrough products successfully shaped the history of cleaning revolution, making us the trendsetter in the market. Our professional R&D team specializes in OEM/ODM and is dedicated to developing innovative technologies and efficient processes to create smart and unique tools that make cleaning a breeze.



Research & Development

Through our professional knowledge and experience in PVA sponge technology, Giant Lead continues to shape the future with smart and innovative solutions that have positive impact on everyday life especially when it comes to cleaning. Innovation starts with a deep and thorough understanding of consumers’ needs. From intensive market research and feedback from our partners and distribution channels, we connect market demands with our design and development team to actualize these cleaning needs and vision. Currently we hold more than 100 patented technologies for products that are on the market and continue to register.



Design & Development Team

To develop human-oriented and multifunctional products that can smartly satisfy various cleaning purposes, Giant Lead has put a special focus on "design management,” a strategy supporting a customer-oriented development of all products and services. With passion and enthusiasm, Giant Lead’s product engineers and designers are not only capable of developing new product concepts which will lead the market, capturing business opportunities, and realizing innovative designs, but also have intensive expertise and experience in providing OEM/ODM service to many multi-national mega companies. With advanced prototype technology and revolutionary automation facilities, Giant Lead has achieved remarkable success in product design and quality. We are excited about the future as we look forward to more opportunities to serving our clients and continuing to advance our experience and technology, and becoming the best and the most reliable source for PVA cleaning tools in the industry.


"Design Management" Ultimately Means Satisfying Customers

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