Discover our QC/QA team: There is no shortcut to quality

Giant Lead has full commitment to advancing PVA sponge industry standards and strives to deliver quality products to our clients. One way that Giant Lead consistently produces the highest quality products is through a strict quality assurance program. Giant Lead’s professional QC/QA team purses quality improvements by implementing 6S management involves all employees in the goal to exceeding our client’s expectation. Our products are also REACH qualified. In addition, with ISO9001:2008 certification, we prescribe systematic control to ensure every product is made to its truest form.


Introduction of our QC/QA Team

Our professional and diligent QA team is built up by experts in this field. They assist in the daily QA and QC procedures and put all the methodologies into practice to ensure the product quality requirements and service are fulfilled.

Equipped with advanced testing machines and quality screening processes, our products have to go through inspections before exiting the factory:



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